Basic Instinct Famous Scene

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The original Basic Instinct film that came out in 1992 was said to be a very controversial film of its time since there was so much sex, nudity, adult themes and killing. There is one scene which was very famous where Sharron Stone sat in a police interview room with no panties on and gave all the cops a good long look at her bits. This was one of the several famous scenes but without a doubt was the mot popular scene in the movie, especially for the guys watching. This scene can be watched from the video page of this website using the link at the top of this page.

Another famous scene is the first sex scene act where you don’t actually see who the killer is but you are made to think that it is Sharron Stone. She takes an ice pick and kills her lover who is tied to a bed and has no way of stopping the forceful attack. Towards the end of the movie when the character played by Michael Douglas gets together with the character played by Sharron Stone and right at the end of the movie as she ties him to the bed, then the camera goes down under the bed where you see the ice pick again however that is the end of the movie so you really never know if she kills him or not. A great thriller ending and a perfect film to watch for many reason other than the famous scene.

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