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Basic Instinct is an American thriller film that was released in 1992 and was written by Joe Eszterhas and directed by Paul Verhoeven. On the starring cast were Michael Douglas, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza and Leilani Sarelle. It is about 123 minutes long and was first released in the US, UK and Australia.
basic instinct
The main star is a police detective Nick Curran (Douglas) who is probing the case in which a wealthy former singer was brutally murdered. Catherine Tramell (Sharon) is a beautiful and seductive novelist who is involved in the case. But ironically Detective Curran gets romantically involved with Catherine and together they have a mind blowing and passion-filled relationship. Detective Curran only comes to find out later that she is actually very dangerous. The Scotland Yard then replaces him with psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass who like Detective Curran is entranced by Catherine and falls for her seductive tricks.

However, Basic Instinct did not receive a round of applause from everybody as it was marred with a lot of controversies even prior to its release. Gay rights activists were against the way it depicted homosexual relationships. They argued that the bisexual and lesbian women featured in the film were shown to be psychopathic serial killers.

But despite the controversy surrounding the film, it became a major box office hit by making a whooping $353 million thus  becoming one of the most successful films in the 90s.  The success story did not end there as it got nominated for two prestigious awards; Academy Award and Golden Globe. Sharon Stone was also nominated for the Best Actress award in the Golden Globe.
basic instinct
Other versions have subsequently been released though most of them have been a total flop. The most recent release was in 2006. However, the original film received an ‘Excellent Rating’ from the viewers.

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Michael Douglas – A Great Actor

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There is no doubt in the fact that Michael Douglas is the star of Basic Instinct. Actually, Michael Douglas became a worldwide known actor the moment when Basic Instinct was released. The movie brought worldwide recognition to both Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.

Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct

Michael Kirk Douglas was born in September 1944. The star became famous as an actor, producer, as well as television personality. Throughout his long running career in the movie industry, Michael has starred in a wide range of movies. For his amazing roles the star won four Golden Globes and two Oscars.

Michael Douglas began his acting career in the 1960s. He first starred in movies such as Hail Hero! and Summertime. Michael achieved recognition only in 1972, when he got a role in The Streets of San Francisco. In 1975, Michael produced his first movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, starring Jack Nicholson. For this movie, Michael actually won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Michael Douglas’ Hollywood career began in 1984. This is the year when the star was cast in romantic comedy Romancing the Stone, followed by The Jewel of the Nile. In 1987, Michael starred in Fatal Attraction, the same year achieving a spectacular performance in Wall Street. In 1989 the actor released The War of the Roses and Black Rain.

Michael Douglas in Wall Street

1992 brought Michael Douglas another extremely successful starring role. Naturally, the actor appeared alongside Sharon Stone in the famous movie Basic Instinct. The movie was an amazing success, actually being a big box office hit.

Other popular movies in which Douglas starred during this period of time include Disclosure, Falling Down, The American President, The Ghost and the Darkness, as well as The Game and A Perfect Murder. Some of the most recent movies in which Douglas starred include You, Me and Dupree, King of California, Solitary Man, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Haywire, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Last Vegas.

Michael Douglas in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Michael Douglas has also been approached for a sequel to Basic Instinct. The actor claimed that it was a great honor for him, but he could not take the part. The star declared that there are age concerns and the success of Basic Instinct was just too impressive to make a sequel. The actor refused to take such a project.

Michael Douglas is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. Throughout the years he has starred in numerous movies. Above you could read something about part of them. However, there are many other great movies in which Douglas has starred until now.

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Three Funny Inspirational Parodies for Basic Instinct

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Basic Instinct was one of the movies that managed to raise a storm upon its release. The scandalous and sexy scenes interpreted by Sharon Stone have been the ones to make her famous as an on-screen sex symbol. The interrogation scene in the first movie, in which Sharon Stone does her very famous leg cross, is the one that is familiar to people of all ages and probably even to those that have not seen the movie, but only have heard of it. The scene has become that much popular with the apparition of numerous parodies on its subject.


Here are three of the funniest parodies that you can find on the Internet:

  • the first video is a short movie parody, that will start you laughing right at the end:

  • the second video parody was done as an audition tape for the 2007 Maxim Hometown Hotties by one of the contestants:

  • the third video is a parody created as a Wrestle Mania commercial:

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Sharon Stone is a Seductive and Sexy Actress

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Sharon Stone has become famous in Hollywood for the Scene in Basic Instinct. Basic Instinct is one of her most well-known movies. This 1992 American erotic thriller film directed by Paul Verhoeven, starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.

Even before its release, the movie generated heated controversy due to its overt sexuality and graphic depiction of violence. It was strongly opposed by gay right activists, who criticised the film’s depiction of homosexual relationships and the portrayal of a bisexual woman as a murderous sociopath.


The movie was so successful that it was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. The film was widely criticised for glamorising cigarette smoking. Character Catherine Tramell was nominated Villain for the AFI’s 100 Years…100 Heroes and Villains of the American Film Institute.

Sharon Stone is known for her controversial roles. This seasoned goddess is still a sleek bodied, outspoken and level-headed beauty with plenty to offer on and off the screen. Here are some of her other roles she was appraised for.

Total Recall (1990)

The movie is an action packed fiction thriller, centred around one man’s discovery of who he is and the attempt to save the citizen’s of Mars. Sharon Stone plays Lori, a planted wife and companion to the main character Quaid, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. She tries to keep the charade alive through her ability to seduce and convince. Quaid soon discovers the truth and sets out to make things right.

The Quick and the Dead (1995)

In this movie, Sharon Stone film, she portrays Ellen “the Lady”. Set in the old west, she sets out to seek revenge on the man who murdered her father. The movie takes place in the town of Redemption where Stone will find her father’s killer, John Herod. The climax pits the Lady against her father’s killer, in an exciting old west outcome.

The Specialist (1994)

This is another great movie starring Sharon Stone, where she plays the seductive May Munro. She seeks out the Specialist, played by Sylvester Stallone, to avenge the murder of her parents. In this action-adventure movie, Sharon Stone and Stallone tackle three notorious villains, a Cuban crime boos, his son and the merciless hitman.

Regardless of the role she stars in, she plays on being seductive, sexy, dangerous and mysterious. Sharon Stone is nothing if not a legend in her own right. She is one of the most talked-about actresses of the 1990s, earning both admiration and infamy for her on and off the screen persona.

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Other Recommendations For The Fans Of Basic Instinct

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For those who love to see a controversial movie like Basic Instinct, we have not one, but three new recommendations of movies that are very good and can become classics with time. All these movies rely on the same recipe that made Basic Instinct such a success: mystery, famous actors and gorgeous actresses. If you are curious to find more about them, check this article and add three fantastic films to your “must see” list.


The first movie you should see is Original Sin. Watch Angelina Jolie play a femme fatale playing an innocent woman. And see Antonio Banderas as a man seized by passion, who cannot take his hands of the one whom he thinks it is his wife. Jolie and Banderas have a great chemistry and display a lot of passion. Their characters are surrounded by lies and adventures, criminals and money. The movie will keep you stuck to the TV because you don’t have the chance to see everyday such a story in which a man discovers that his blushing bride is actually a sadistic prostitute who fake-married him to steal his money.

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself if you want to see it:


Another successful movie which will make you think about life and destiny is Vanilla Sky. The leading actors are Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz. They form a love triangle. While he plays a rich man who seems to have everything, destiny shows him he cannot play with the lives of others, especially when those others are women whom he hurt. At some point, the character of Cruise becomes psychically tortured, as sort of a payback from one of his ex-lovers. As for Cruz and Diaz, they make wonderful roles playing totally different characters and sporting opposite looks.

Watch the trailer and you will see how promising this movie is:


The last in our list of recommendations is The Da Vinci Code. You surely heard of the book written by Dan Brown – the man who turned the Catholic Church against him as he had the courage to sustain the idea that Jesus Christ had children with Mary Magdalene. The movie follows the red line of the book and stars talented Tom Hanks and charming French actress Audrey Tatou. Jean Reno makes a great role as a villain on the footsteps of the the characters of Hanks and Tatou. Learn more about the secrets Da Vince hid in his works of art and about secret societies that exists since the beginning of times.

Watch the trailer and see how interesting the movie is:

As you will see, there are many amazing movies that deserved to be seen and even if you are keen on certain types you can find great productions which you can watch without getting bored.



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The Performance Of Sharon Stone In Basic Instinct

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Sharon Stone, on her full name, Sharon Vonne Stone is an American actress. Stone also worked as a model and she tried getting behind the camera as a producer, but she is mostly know for her acting career. She became famous with the part of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone was born on March 10, 1958 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Her parents are regular people, her mother is an accountant and a homemaker and her father is a factory worker and a tool and die manufacturer. Their names are Dorothy and William. As they were always simple people, Sharon went to Saegertown High School in Saegertown, Pennsylvania and graduated in 1975. She began her life in the limelight as a candidate for Miss Pennsylvania, as she had already won Miss Crawford County. After this success, she was advised to drop out of school and to work as a model. In 1977, Stone moved with an aunt in New Jersey and four days after her arrival in town she was already working with Ford Modeling Agency from New York. In the 1980s she moved for a period in Europe.

When she came back in the United States of America, she decided she wanted to be an actress. Her first role was in Stardust Memories, a Woody Allen movie in which she starred along Jessica Harper, Marie Christine Barrault, Charlotte Rampling and Woody Allen himself. After a few more roles in the 1980s, she had the chance to star in Total Recall in 1990 with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This gave her career a boost and also brought her a Playboy offer to pose which she accepted.

The movie that really made Sharon Stone a star is Basic instinct. In this one, she plays an alleged serial killer named Catherine Tramell. She is a beautiful woman and also a very smart one. The film included a lot of nudity, so many turned down the part. Sharon Stone was brave enough to accepted it and became a real star thanks to it. One of the most controversial scenes with Stone is one in which her character is questioned by the police. When she crosses and uncrosses her legs, it is clear that she has no underwear on. Her partner in the erotic thriller that made her a celebrity was Michael Douglas, already famous at the time.

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Basic Instinct Cast

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Basic Instinct is an unforgettable movie that has reached an immense popularity in the 90s. Basic Instinct is an American erotic thriller that was released in 1992. The movie generated numerous controversies due to its overt sexuality and graphic depiction of violence, but it still turned out to be a huge success. And the cast of Basic Instinct definitely had a lot to do with that. The leading actors in Basic Instinct were Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, which soon became two of the greatest American actors of all time. Michael Douglas portrays police detective Nick Curran, who becomes involved in an intense relationship with the beautiful Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), the prime suspect in the murder of a wealthy rock star investigated by him.

Sharon Stone was born on March 10, 1958, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She started out as a model and even won the title of Miss Crawford County in her hometown. Soon after, she moved to New York City to become a model and was immediately signed by Ford Modeling Agency. Her big break came in 1984, when she starred in Irreconcilable Differences. After several minor roles, Sharon Stone was cast in Total Recall, in 1990. In 1992, she starred in Basic Instinct, the movie that would make her an international star. In Basic Instinct, she portrays Catherine Tramell, a beautiful, brilliant, bisexual, alleged serial killer. She did not only gained international recognition due to her stunning performance, but also because of the famous scene that every Basic Instinct fan remembers.

Michael Douglas is another Basic Instinct star and unbelievable actor. He was born on September 25, 1944, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to actor Kirk Douglas and actress Diana Dill. As he was born in a family of actors, Douglas turned to a film career as well, which he started in the late 1960s. By the time he starred in Basic Instinct, Michael Douglas was already successful, having starred in successful movies such as Fatal Attraction, The War of the Roses and Black Rain. This starring role in Basic Instinct was extremely successful, which led to the movie becoming a box office hit.

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Basic Instinct – The Movie That Made Sharon Stone Famous

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Sharon Vonne Stone is an American actress, born on March 10, 1958. She became famous in the whole world and gained fame thanks to an erotic thriller called Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone began her career in the spotlight when she started modeling. From being a supermodel to an excellent actress it was only a small step and when she received the part of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct, she could simply not refuse. And this was one of the best decisions that Sharon Stone took in her life, because it brought her glory. With Basic Instinct, she became one of the most acclaimed  actresses.

Basic Instinct appeared in 1992 and is an erotic triller. It was directed by Paul Verhoeven and based on a script of Joe Eszterhas. The main roles of Basic Instinct were received by Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. Basic Instinct centers the story of Nick Curran, an detective that has to investigate the death of a rock star. The wealthy celebrity was murdered and he is in charge with finding the assassin. The title of the movie – Basic Instinct, is inspired by the torrid relationship that Nick develops with Catherine. The only problem of this relationship: Catherine is the main suspect in the homicide case of the rich singer. From this point, the movie becomes extremely interesting and captivating, reason for which it still is one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

Basic Instinct was very controversial at its time. Being released in 1992, the movie represented a premier and the sexuality depicted in Basic Instinct came as a shock for many. Violence was also very graphic, this is why, in many countries, Basic Instinct went straight to DVD or it was banned. Gay activists protested against the film, because they considered that homosexuals are negatively portrayed in it. Sharon Stone, for a change, was extremely happy, because due to Basic Instinct she gained a lot of popularity, that made her receive more and more important movie roles. For her, Basic Instinct still is one of the most important points of her career.

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Basic Instinct is the Best Psychological Thriller

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Basic Instinct is probably one of the most controversial movies in the cinematography industry. Not many people know this, but Basic Instinct has stirred up many controversies even before it was released, due to its overt sexuality and graphic depiction of violence. Even the LGBT community had strong opinions against the movie, since the movie depicted homosexual relationships and a bisexual woman as a murderous sociopath.

Basic Instinct centres on police detective Nick Curran, played by Michael Douglas, who is investigating the brutal murder of a famous rock star. During the investigation, the detective becomes involved in a sex-driven relationship with the prime suspect, the beautiful, mysterious writer, Catherine Tramell, played by Sharon Stone. As their relationship progresses, the body count increases and there are contradicting pieces of evidence that force Nick to start questioning Catherine’s guilt.

Nevertheless, despite the major controversy, Basic Instinct became one of the most financially successful films of the 1990s, cashing in more than $350 million worldwide. The way the actors play their parts is just mindblowing and it goes to show what great actors they really are. The director of Basic Instinct,  Paul Verhoeven had and action-oriented flair and directed the action of the movie in a way, specific only for Hitchcock. Other reviews stated that Basic Instinct was more empowering than any other feminist movement. Basic Instinct is one of the best psychological thriller, because the plot twists and turns, and even in the end, the viewer is not very aware of what happened.

Basic Instinct is a wonderful movie that will keep you on edge all throughout the picture. Moreover, Sharon Stone has gained even more popularity after Basic Instinct was released. Afterwards, Sharon Stone was considered one of the hottest female Hollywood stars. needless to say that Basic Instinct was the subject of many parodies on TV shows such as Saturday Night Live. This just proves how good Basic Instinct was and still is.  The story line is great, the actors are more than perfect, so it is a great movie you can watch any time.

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Why To Watch Basic Instinct

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Basic Instinct is a movie that just has to be seen. This actually is one of the most famous all time movies to ever been released. It really does not matter is the action, the story or the characters and the way they have been interpreted by the famous actors cast in the movie, have brought a greater contribution to the success that Basic Instinct currently has, but its popularity can surely not be denied. Basic Instinct stars famous actors Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. The movie is considered to be an erotic thriller. Basic Instinct was first released in 1992.

So, although Basic Instinct is a movie which has been launched almost 20 years ago, it is still watched by many people. So, if you have never seen Basic Instinct, you already know what to rent for your next movie night with your friends or your life partner. In fact, Basic Instinct is a move to love, so you should better buy the DVD to make sure that you will be able to watch it each time you plan on enjoying a great quality time, with an amazing movie. And you are surely going to get it all with Basic Instinct. The action of the movie is focused around a murder case. A police detective interpreted by Michael Douglas is investigating the case and his primary suspect is the wife of the murdered man. Well, the beautiful and really irresistible woman interpreted by Sharon Stone manages to charm the detective and the two start a romantic relationship, while the sex scenes between this couple have definitely made history.

Basic Instinct is not a love story. It is an action thriller and there are numerous violence scenes included into this story. The mysterious situations as well as the unexpected finale of Basic Instinct make this movie really spectacular. If you are already convinced that watching Basic Instinct is the best idea you can have for a great movie night, you have nothing to worry about, as this movie has been lunched in numerous versions. You can either rent or purchasing it, but watching Basic Instinct is really a must.

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Basic Instinct Controversies

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Basic Instinct is one of the films that launched Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in the spotlight. Basic Instinct was a huge success in many countries in the world due to its sensational plot, but to its great actors also. Stone and Douglas portrayed very well their roles, so the entire action looked authentic and people who watched it forgot that they is actually only a film. Michael Douglas interpreted the role of a detective that investigates a woman accused by murder, but he finally ends up being attracted and dominated by her.

Sharon Stone also portrayed a great character. Her role was very difficult, but she managed very well to act as a strange and aggressive woman. Although Basic Instinct was successful, there were also many controversies related to it, but they did not affected its box office success. The main complaints about Basic Instinct was that it involved too much bisexual, homosexual behaviors and nudity. Even if there were people who though all these were too much, Basic Instinct still remains one of the best and successful films in the American History. The way that actors play their roles is also an example of what it means to be a great actor and adapt to the most unusual roles.

Even though you are someone who does not agree upon these controversial matters, you still should watch Basic Instinct for the talent and ability of the actors who portrayed the characters. Plus, Basic Instinct is a film that will raise your curiosity and will keep suspense until the final moments, so you will keep guessing what will happen next. Or, if you are passioned of psychology, then Basic Instinct will give you a lot of things to think about. You will get a close-up view to different types of people, behaviors and thinking, so there are lots of things to analyze while and after watching this film. It also gives you the opportunity to try understand a few of the controversies presented in the film and have a more opened-mind. Basic Instinct is indeed a different film that anyone should watch, so it is obvious why it became so famous.

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